Sports Injury

What does a Sports Chiropractor do?

If you’re an athlete, you understand the numerous demands place on your body while competing in a sport. People involved in sports can hurt themselves in little injuries that they "shake off". Landing on your side can fixate ribs. If ribs don't move freely, you may not inhale deeply enough or exhale fully. This leads to poor oxygen exchange and a decrease in energy and performance. Landing hard on your backside can cause pelvic torsion which can cause altered biomechanics in the lower extremities. Optimal sports performance relies on proper motion of joints, ligaments and muscles. In fact, top athletes like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady see their sports chiropractor regularly. The main reasons athletes suffer sports injuries include forceful impacts, repetitive motions, over-training and failure to warm up properly. Chiropractors can help athletes by relieving their pain and helping them heal faster after an injury

Interesting Facts

Many professional athletic and sports organizations recognize the value of chiropractic care in correcting and preventing injuries:

- The Players Association of the National Football League has made chiropractic care an integral part of its sports medicine program.
- The United States Olympic Committee and several other nations selected chiropractors as attending physicians at the Olympic Games.
- Chiropractors have also been retained at many other sporting events including Professional Sports Teams, Pan Am Games, Goodwill Games, National Sports Festivals, New York and Boston Marathon and Ironman Triathalon.

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