Geriatric Care

What Can We Help With?

Seniors seek out chiropractors for many reasons. Joint degeneration and the pain associated with it usually shows up in the senior years. Correction of subluxation can lead to a feeling of ease in motion, more energy. Balance and coordination can improve with spinal adjustments and core strengthening exercises. This can decrease the chances of falling and causing worse health concerns. Removing fixation of the spine and extremities increases range of motion. Some comments by seniors include, "I sleep better." "I can spend time on the floor with my grandchildren." and "Chiropractic keeps me going."

What are the Benefits?

Studies suggests that geriatric chiropractic patients are less likely to be hospitalized, take less medication, less likely to have used a nursing home, are more likely to report a better health status and more likely to be mobile in the community.

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