Chiropractic for Shoulder Impingement

  • Overview

    Shoulder Impingement, one of the most common causes of shoulder pain, is when the tendon of one of the rotator cuff muscles get trapped or rubs against a bony process. The tendon of the Supraspinatus muscle is the most likely to become impinged on by the acromion process. If left untreated the tendons can become inflamed resulting in tendonitis or bursitis. This can eventually lead to thinning and tearing of the tendon.

  • Symptoms

    Some of the symptoms of Shoulder Impingement can include:
    – Pain with both activity and rest
    – Radiating pain down the front or side of the arm
    – Overhead activities such as throwing or tennis may be painful
    – Loss of strength

  • Causes

    Much like Carpal Tunnel , Shoulder Impingement is usually caused from overuse. It is a very common condition in athletes such was pitchers, tennis players or swimmers. Another cause of Shoulder Impingement is a condition called Scapular Dyskinesia which is when the scapula (shoulder blade) fails to rotate because of muscular imbalances. When the scapula doesn’t rotate properly the tendon of the Supraspinatus get pinched between the acromion process and the Humerus.

  • Therapy

    Management of Shoulder Impingement will include Chiropractic Adjustments of the shoulder and cervical spine. The Doctors of Chiropractic will also give you some exercises aimed at reducing muscular tension and returning the muscles to the proper firing pattern. You also may be advised to avoid the activities that are causing the pain.