Chiropractic for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Overview

    Plantar Fascitis is the inflammation of the tissue that attaches from your heel bone (Calcaneus) to your toes. This can be caused by repeated micro trauma’s that cause tiny tears in the fascia. It is the most common cause of heel/foot pain and is more common in 40+ women, runners, if you are overweight or people who wear inadequate footwear, especially high heels. Most people will have pain that is the worst with the first few steps of the day.

  • Symptoms

    Symptoms of Plantar Fascitis can include:
    – Stabbing pain at the heel. May be worse in the morning or after standing for long periods of time

  • Causes

    The causes of Plantar Fascitis could be from a number of sources with include worn out or inadequate shoes, flat or high arches, excessive inward (pronation) or outward (supination) rolling of you feet, standing for long periods of time, excessive running, obesity or a tight calf muscles.

  • Therapy

    Chiropractic adjustments of you feet and therapeutic exercises, such as rolling you foot over a tennis ball will help to reduce pain. The Chiropractic Physicians may also suggest orthotics and lifestyle modifications to restore normal foot/leg biomechanics.