Chiropractic for Osteoarthritis

  • Overview

    Osteoarthritis (OA), AKA Degenerative Joint Disease, is the most common form of arthritis affecting around 27 million americans every year. In a normal joint the ends of the bones are surrounded by a soft cushioning tissue called cartilage. In OA this cartilage begins to breakdown resulting in the ends of the bones to rub together. As a result of the increased pressure on the bones they will start to grow processes called bone spurs. Part of the cartilage may also break off and float around in the joint creating an inflammatory response that further damages the cartilage. The most commonly effected joints are the Thumb, Hip, Knee and Spine.

  • Symptoms

    Some of the symptoms of Osteoarthritis include:
    – Limited range of motion
    – Pain that gets worse with activity or at the end of the day
    – Stiffness in a joint after getting out of bed or sitting for a long time
    – Cracking or clicking in a joint
    – Swelling around the effected joint

  • Causes

    Although OA occurs in people of all ages, osteoarthritis is most common in people older than 65. A sedentary lifestyle is the biggest factor in developing Degenerative Joint Disease and every other chronic disease. Other common risk factors include increasing age, obesity, previous joint injury, overuse of the joint, weak muscles and genes.

  • Therapy

    Management of Osteoarthritis will include Chiropractic Adjustments and exercises such as swimming that the patient can do without putting a lot of force on the joint. Supplementation such as Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate, Vitamin C and Vitamin D